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    1. CNIC
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      No.198 Mayuan Road.Ningbo.China.


      Tel: +86 574 87120888

             +86 574 87149776

             +86 574 87121298

      Fax: +86 574 87113805


      Company Profile => Speech By General Manager


      Amid the surging reforms and opening-up drive in China, China Ningbo International Cooperation Co., Ltd. has walked its footstep for 33 years. With the determined will of reforming, with the pioneering act of enterprising, we have flourished prosperous achievement within those 33 years.

      Founded in Apr 1988, we are the first economic cooperation Corporation in Ningbo. In 1992, China Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation award us with import and export operation right, thus, we became the first corporation in Ningbo to develop in the field of both economic cooperation and foreign trading.

      In 1994, we actively took the initiative in changing the management mechanism of the company into a Limited one in the foreign economy and trade system of Ningbo. Our staff of the company held up to 30% stock, which closely brought staff benefit and company development into one strength. In 2000, we reformed our investment structure again, absorbing some giant private industrial groups as our own strategic investors, implementing the policy of combination with strong ones. Thus, our company no longer has state-own stock. Our staff own up to 67% stock to turn the company to a real Limited Company under modern enterprise management system.

      Together with the restructuring, we make broad exploration, optimize management concept and successfully form a scientific management system and efficient incentive mechanism. In 1999, we obtained ISO9001 quality control authentication. In 2001, we began with network management, freshening foreign trading platform with a new appearance. Now, we are equipped with a talented group skilled in many languages and business management and we established good cooperative business relationships with over 100 countries and regions.

      The spirit of “people oriented, efficiency advanced” is the key point leading to our thriving forever. Whatever old or freshmen, every staff can play their best and win their honor on this stage freely.

      In all, as the general manager of China Ningbo International Cooperation Co., I’m so honored to lead such a mature, striving, united and vigorous team. Those 33 years has been the past, for future, we will be more energetic and positive. With the spiritual maxim of “Set up business sincerely, improve with joint effort”, we will make more effort to create brighter future and create the wealth for the society constantly.

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